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Who Is romen cole



The Who. What. Why. Honestly, ‘romen cole’ stands for something more than it could ever be, ipso facto. It is, in itself, the manifesto of an idea; a perpetual pursuit of sorts which finds its form within the eternity of a single moment. These moments which irrevocably represent the canvas of life itself. 

Visual imagery has always resonated differently for me; and with it, an inherent gravity that always seemed to transfix my mind in fits of wonderment. However, it wasn’t until I physically picked up a camera that the calling became unmistakably clear. I have come to learn however, that it is not the camera that makes the photographer; as it is but a tool of which we use. It isn’t even the photography that makes the photographer. It is a madness. It is a silent, boding presence within which will always make us look at the world surrounding us a little longer....a little harder. A little deeper....allowing it to saturate as we savor the details; bringing to light the very essence of our muse. It is our beloved curse as it is consuming in all of its torment and beauty as we long to see things for exactly what they are and yet, bringing to life all that it could be. It is perspective, made tangible.

Light is my medium. Vanity, my muse.

Shoot with me...you will see ;)