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"Your Eyes Only" | Fashion Editorial ft. Elizabeth Whitney w/Cheyenne Folkert



Fashion Model - Liz Whitney

She's a young woman of few words, which loudended the intensity of her presence while in front of the lens. As a young photographer, she was the first model that I wasn't ready for. When she initially walked in the studio I thought, "shit. Don't screw this up.". I overshot the hell out of her - probably barreling through close to 200 frames per set, because as much as I knew we got it, I HAD to make sure. Curious that, I was typically the one having to coach timid models through their first set; and here's this one, silently teaching me.


location: studio
camera system: Nikon
model: D610
ISO: 100
lighting: studio


model - elizabeth whitney

h/mua - cheyenne folkert, black & ivory beauty