The Un/Edit - A Fashion Photographers Blog on Film & Fashion Iconography

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A Fashion Photographer - A New Beginnning


Never in a million years did I ever think I'd be writing in a blog - let alone doing so with any intention whatsoever of having anyone read it. It has, however, recently come to pass that I decided to incorporate film photography into my workflow; almost as though I felt that no matter how far I'd come along in the world of photography and my obsession with light and composition, that doing so from only a digital perspective really limited my overall perspective and experience within the art of still-image capture. All of that changed after I bought my first film camera though; a mint condition, medium format 1962 Mamiya C3, that I realized my passion for composition and light had only just scratched the surface.

Meet Eleanor ;).

So here we are...the un/edit is a place where I will post most and all things I think of regarding my work and experience with fashion, film, and the many things in-between. There was a time where the two were synonymous with one another, and so let it be once again.

Stay tuned - I have so, so much more to show you ;).

 a good read, beautiful camera, and....good lighting ;)

a good read, beautiful camera, and....good lighting ;)